FC 28 | Felipe Conde

FC 28

Guitarra Concierto Flamenco FC 28 | Felipe Conde, luthier

 Model FC28 is the fruit of the now historic collaboration between Paco de Lucía and my father and uncle, Mariano and Faustino Conde. Paco de Lucía, a close friend of my father and uncle’s, came to our workshop in the 70´s looking for a guitar apt for great concert halls but without losing the flamenco character. The result was this first flamenco concert guitar built out of the best selected German spruce and rosewood. This sublime guitar marries all the tradition, innovation and artisanship developed in this workshop since 1915. This “Media Luna” is played by most relevant flamenco artists present and past.


Back and sides of Madagascar rosewood, maple or koa
Soundboard of german spruce
Fingerboard of ebony
Neck of cedar
Machine-head of the highest quality
Varnish finished in French polish or colour
Scale length 650 mm or 664 mm

10,600.00 € VAT not included
guitarras-conde-hermanos-8 fc-28-solea-final