FC 26 | Felipe Conde

FC 26

Guitarra flamenco FC 26 | Felipe Conde, luthier

 This is a first class traditional flamenco guitar built with specially selected materials from the best stock. The average age of the wood used is at least 30 years. It is constructed using German spruce for the top, Spanish cypress for the back and sides and, Brazilian cedar for the neck and ebony for the fret board. This guitar has a “Media Luna” headstock and one of the exclusive traditional rosette designs. What sets this guitar apart is its projecting, high volume brilliant traditional flamenco sound this workshop is famous for. Many artists of relevance, past and present, play this spectacular guitar.


Back and sides of cypress
Soundboard of german spruce
Fingerboard of ebony
Neck of cedar
Scale length 650 mm or 664 mm
Machine-head or tuning pegs of the highest quality or wooden tuning pegs
Varnish finished in French polish or color

9,600.00 € VAT not included
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