CC 39 | Felipe Conde

CC 39

Guitarra clásica para concierto CC 39 | Felipe Conde, luthier

 This first class concert guitar has been designed with professionals, aficionados and collectors in mind appreciative of sublime sound, and things well made with attention to detail. The materials selected for this guitar stand out for their beauty, sonorant qualities and an average age of at least 30 years of natural drying. It is constructed out of the best German spruce or Canadian red cedar for the harmonic top, and Madagascar rosewood or European maple for the back and sides. The headstock design can be the traditional Domingo Esteso shape or the “Media Luna”. The rosette features one of our exclusive and proprietary designs and the interior bracing is of the traditional Esteso design producing a special sound characteristic for this house.


Back and sides of Madagascar rosewood or maple
Soundboard of german spruce or Canadian cedar
Fingerboard of ebony
Neck of cedar
Machine-head of the highest quality
Varnish finished in French polish
Scale length 650 mm or 664 mm
10,600.00 € VAT not included
Guitarra clásica para concierto CC 39 | Felipe Conde, luthier