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The way we build our classical guitars rests upon the foundations laid out by Domingo Esteso, one of the most important and innovative guitar builders of the last century. The building process and the quality of the wood we select to build our classical guitars are of fundamental importance to us. In this way we create guitars of superior quality with keen attention to detail that characterizes our work.

Our classical concert models are based on the basic solera used by Esteso with posterior innovations and changes introduced by the Conde Hermanos in the seventies and eighties. We employ the best possible wood for its acoustic and aesthetic qualities. This wood is especially selected and naturally dried for at least thirty years. For the harmonic top we use the German spruce or red Canadian cedar, Honduran cedar for the neck and ebony for the fret board. First class Madagascar, Indian or cocobolo rosewood is used for the back and sides as well as European flamed or “bird eye” maple. All our concert guitars are finished in shellac. These guitars are very comfortable, responsive and exhibit great tonality as is typical of any Conde.

The Studio Professional line of guitars has been conceived for students, semi professionals and also aficionados. These guitars are built with all solid woods, entirely by hand with very high quality wood but with a more affordable price. The solera of these guitars is very similar to the one used for the concert models and is a synthesis of all the innovation and the good work developed in this house over a hundred year history. Our Studio Professional guitars are well balanced and very comfortable.