Guitarra clásica para concierto CC 37 | Felipe Conde, luthier
10 classical guitar CD’s you must have in your collection

You would like to delve into classical music for guitar and you are not sure where to start? Or perhaps you need help with choosing CD’s to complete your collection? If you are in any of these or similar circumstances we would like make a few recommendations that we consider simply a must. We selected 10 albums we most liked, however the list could be much longer.

Music China 2015

Music China 2015 will take place from 14-17 of October in Shanghai (China). It is the most important music fair of this kind in the Asian region and one of the largest in the world.

Festival de la Guitarra de Sevilla
VI Seville Guitar Festival – From 14-24 of October 2015

Save the date for the first big guitar event this fall: The Seville Guitar Festival in its sixth edition this year

Guitarra clásica CC 38 | Felipe Conde, luthier
What are Felipe Conde’s classical guitars like?

Domingo Esteso left us an indispensable legacy when it comes to building Classical guitars with exceptional qualities. We only need mention that he built guitars for great Maestros of his time such as Agustín Barrios Mangoré, Regino Sainz de la Maza

Limado de la Guitarra Española Conde Hermanos
How to build a Spanish guitar? (II)

Not a single nail is used to build a guitar. All pieces are assembled using glue exclusively. Not all types of glue are suitable when building a guitar. Different types of glues are employed on different parts of the guitar depending on their properties as they set.

How to build a Spanish guitar? (I)

Almost each and every one of us has had a chance to hold a guitar of some sort in our hands, or hear someone play it. I dare as well say that many of us have a memory of that characteristic mixture of the scent of wood and dust, so many guitars, forgotten in a dark corner of our house have…

Cante de las Minas 2015
36th International Flamenco Guitar Competition: The “Bordón Minero” Prize 2015

The 55th edition of the International Festival of “Cante de las Minas” shall take place in the region of Campo de Cartagena (Murcia-Spain) from the 5th to the 15th of August this year.

XXV Curso Flamenco de Gerardo Nuñez y Carmen Cortés
XXV Curso Flamenco by Gerardo Nuñez and Carmen Cortés

The 25th edition of the well known Curso Flemanco organized by Gerardo Nuñez and Carmen Cortés starts today and it will take place at Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz) as usual. As in the previous years, we will join the crowd for a few days. As always, we will bring a few guitars we have recently built and in particular María and Felipe Jr. will be showing the guitars they built in the past months.

Festival Guitarra Córdoba
35th Edition of Cordoba’s International Guitar Festival

For the 35th consecutive year Cordoba has turned into the heart of the guitar world during two intense weeks which conclude this coming Sunday, July 12th.

Maria Conde y Felipe Conde en Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair about María y Felipe Jr.

María and Felipe Conde Jr. were glamed up and pampered by Vanity Fair Spain for the article written about them by Virginia Galvín for the magazine´s Celebutants section which reports about up-and-coming, young individuals who happen to do interesting things

Reportaje Felipe Conde en Iberia Especial
Iberia Excelente about our family history

In sign of the 100th anniversary since Domingo Esteso established our workshop in 1915 the in-flight magazine “Iberia Excelente” published a long and very visual article about our past and also about our future. The editor, Jesús Huarte paid us a visit together with his art director Antonio Gálvez a few months ago. He interviewed […]

Felipe Conde guitars at Musikmesse 2015

Next week from 15th to 18th of April we will be participating at the Frankfurt music fair “Frankfürt Musikmesse 2015” as we have been for the last 30 or so years. As always we will be exhibiting the best guitars we have built over the last year, however, as you know, this is a very special year for us since we are celebrating the 100 year anniversary of our guitar family´s building tradition