New Felipe Conde Guitar Strings

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new series of guitar strings carrying the Felipe Conde name, designed especially for the Spanish guitar. After several years of keen observation, testing and research we have come up with what we think to be the optimum selection of strings for the best results in terms of sound, comfort and durability.

The new string sets are a combination of nylon and carbon trebles and high silver content bases. Specifically, the second and third strings are made of carbon and the first string remains top quality nylon. We have done this in order to solve some common problems that occur with nylon strings, namely to eliminate the dullness of the second and third strings as compared to the bases which often presents itself, and maintain the vibrato of the first string which gives that special character to the Spanish guitar. Since we are conscious of the fact that the carbon strings can sometimes be harder to touch we came up with three different tensions we are sure will suit any player. The bases have been reformulated with more silver content and have been treated to prevent corrosion. This will significantly prolong the life of your string set.

As mentioned above, the new string sets come in three tensions: medium, medium/hard and hard. The design of the packaging has been updated featuring the emblematic rosettes of our most famous guitars. Each set has also been color coded for easy identification: green for medium tension, red for medium/hard tension and violet for hard tension.

You can purchase these new string sets directly through our on-line shop, and very soon via our distributers and other stores. Stay tuned for further information as our strings become available at more sales points.

We would very much appreciate your feedback on our new strings so please don’t hesitate to write to us as soon as you test them!

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