José Luís Merlín
Maestro and composer for the classical guitar.

Oscar Herrero
Guitarist. Guitar Summer School. Flamenco Metronome.

Asociación Carmen Amaya Escuela Flamenca
Flamenco School. Singing, dance and guitar courses in Madrid.
A flamenco magazine and on-line shop.

Jose Luis Postigo
Our good friend and guitarist from Seville.

Guitarras de Luthier
Una fantástica tienda de guitarras de calidad en Madrid

Big Fat Guitarist
Nicolas Adams, a gypsy style guitarist from California.

La guia del flamenco
Latest news about flamenco.

Strings by Mail
Best on-line selection of guitar strings – they have it all!

Pianos, musical instruments and accessories.

Casa Patas
Flamenco Live! One of the best Tablaos in the country!

Vintage and Rare
World’s finest instruments. Straight from dealers and builders.

Kevin Seddiki
Kevin Seddiki is a young and very talented guitarist. He collaborated with Al do Meola and also plays a guitar that we built especially for him.

Al di Meola
One of the best known guitarists of today and one of the guitars that plays our guitars.

Our very good friend and a fantastic psychotherapist, developing very innovative therapeutic programmes.

Hotel Meninas

Hotel Opera

Círculo Fortuny
Felipe Conde is a member of this not for profit association of the finest Spanish luxury brands.