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Research, creativity and collaboration between the luthier and the artist make possible the evolution of the guitar as an instrument; this creative process endows the newly created guitar with versatility and flexibility which will later allow the artist to best express him or herself. We do this without ever losing the echo of our tradition and past. It is out of this complicity and collaboration that the guitar that bears the name of our good friend Al di Meola was created. A unique guitar created to suit different and wide ranging styles such as classical, flamenco or jazz.

After years of research, Felipe and his daughter and son, María and Felipe Jr. created a guitar named “Centenario” to honour the one hundred years of our family tradition. To best honour this tradition we did not hesitate to immerse ourselves in the life´s work of the first amongst us, Domingo Esteso. The materials we use to build these guitars are always from the very best and especially selected stock. The woods we select for this guitar are naturally dried for at least 40 years or more and are directly inherited from our predecessors. The building process is entirely undertaken at our workshop. Utmost care is lavished upon every detail, be it the elaborate rosette, the matching purflings or even the especially hand engraved machine tuner.

The special models have a distinctive character. The materials, the manner of construction and the innovation breathe these guitars with exclusivity, and a very unique touch so purely artisan.