Gift Ideas for a Guitar Fan this Holiday Season

Even though you may be taking some time off this holiday season, there is a task you will hardly be able to avoid: searching for gifts. Most of us put effort and time in finding the right gift for our loved ones. However, if you are looking for that perfect gift for a guitar lover, your task has just become a lot easier.

We would like to share five gift ideas with you that would surprise any guitar aficionado. Choose the one you like the best and we will make sure it is delivered to you in time, or if you prefer it, we can send it directly to the person you wish to surprise. That person will think of you each time he or she dedicates some time to playing music.

1. Capos

Capos are indispensable for playing in different tones without the need to tune the guitar over and over again. Our unique handmade “Media Luna” model fashioned out of rosewood and ebony is shaped drawing inspiration from the design of our guitars. If you prefer capos made out of bone, we have two different propositions, both 100% handmade in a traditional manner. We also have capos made out of noble wood and a combination of wood and bone.

2. String-Ties

With these cubes made out of Galalith in brown or ivory colour you can prevent unnecessary noise produced at the extremes of the strings. By tying the strings at the bridge using the string-ties you are protecting the guitar from any unnecessary scratches or slips. All in all, it´s a very useful accessory which improves the tonal quality of your guitar.

3. Strings

Simplicity, quality and good taste: a set of Felipe Conde Strings will please any guitarist. You can choose between classical or flamenco strings, each type in three different tensions. You will be surprised by the tone, resistance to corrosion and long life of our strings.

4. Nail File Kit

A “Luthier” nail file kit is an original and a very useful gift option. A nail filing kit is a must-have accessory for any guitar player with keen attention to detail and tonal quality when performing. This “Luthier” kit includes several different file grades which can be washed with soapy water after use in order to restore its original function.

5. Guitar Support

Choosing the correct guitar support assures correct posture when playing and by extension prevents injury and assures comfort and better performance. It is a matter of finding the model that best suits you: we can offer you three top quality models.

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