A letter from Paco de Lucía to our family

Many years ago Paco de Lucía wrote an emotional letter about the relationship he had with the guitar my fatehr and uncle constructed for him. We are immensely grateful for his dedication and friendship.

De Lucía was a composer and a guitarrist without equal, a revolutionary… R.I.P. Paco.

Our English translation follows, you can visualize the original by clicking on the image below.

“Many times, unconscientiously I’ve asked myself why am I grateful to the Hermanos Conde? Also, many times I have answered that same question in a very simple way: I simply feel very comfortable with the guitars created by the nephews of Esteso.

Feeling comfortable with what one does, generally speaking, is a given, but in one way or the other it is essential to being itself, and being able to give. In my music I must create and I must give. I first have to define my identity and later be able to transmit it to my audience. My “comfort” with the guitar is my everything, like with flamenco in this case, and all that immensity becomes beauty, balance, harmony and strength.

Flamenco is a wrenching sentiment, and I have experienced that wrenching feeling with my own hands many times through the guitars created by my artist-friends the Hermanos Conde. I say artists and I say friends because they represent both things. And to create that wrenching sound with a guitar, you must give that guitar a soul, magic, and finally endow it with art, and that can only be done by an artist, because only an artist knows how to give a body to that art, a body that fills you with forces of colour and shapes. As a friend, my feelings are those of tradition and beautiful nostalgia of my childhood amongst them.

These are my few words of gratitude, however I have great feelings towards these artists-friends to which many of us ‘flamencos’ owe much thanks and admiration.”

– Paco de Lucia

carta de paco de lucia

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