Art | Felipe Conde
The Workshop
Our workshop offers a lifetime guarantee of support to our customers. We prefer to form a lasting and close relationship with the owners of our guitars. Felipe´s relationship with the guitars manufactured is an enduring one. Guitars eventually are brought back either for adjustment (repairs to the varnish, adjustment to the fret board, etc..) or to be repaired in the case of accidents. The luthier takes cares of them, restoring to their original state.
The Wood
The choice of woods is never a casual matter. It is the result of years of research and experiment carried out by the luthier on the sound-transmission qualities of each type of wood. Wood is for the luthier a treasure inherited from the previous generation, just as he continues to acquire wood that will be employed by the next generation of luthiers. Some of the woods used in the construction process are Indian and Madagascar Rosewood, Spanish Cypress or Canadian Cedar.
Building Process
Construction is a handcrafted process where all of the parts that make up a guitar are produced in the workshop, except the machine heads. Construction of the guitar begins with the neck and the guitar's design will be the distinguishing feature of the luthier. Measures, components and the layout will determine the sound and quality of the guitar.